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4.1 Administrative Options

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The options detailed in this section are only available to those with administrative permissions in Peerwise.

Administration Dashboard

  1. Manage "administrator" and "student access": This is where you add your participants identifiers.
  2. Select the functionality of the editor: This is where you can limit the inputs allowed in the rich text editor.
  3. Browse the questions: This is where you can sort the questions by different parameters and then dive in. For example, you can rank them by lowest ranking. You might want to investigate why questions are being scored low.
  4. Show users in Leaderboard tables: To view this information, you can review the Leaderboard Guide.

Enable/Disable student authoring

This is an excellent example of scaffolding that is built into the system. As mentioned by the instructions regarding this option, a great way to introduce students to this tool would be to have them simply answer questions. The teaching team would be modeling the type and difficult of the question, and the amount of explanation, that would be expected of the students. This could be limited by length of time. Once the students have had a chance to author questions, and the teaching team has had a chance to review the results, the teaching team can more effectively communicate to their students their expectations.

  1. Allow student to author questions: Administrators can toggle this option off and on.

Define Course Messages

  1. This lets administrators show a reminder/note to students before they author a new question. It would be even better if you could show notifications based on certain actions. For example, a notification that reminds you what the rubric for rating questions is if you rate outside the average (high or low). Instructions should be provided during the task, in a timely and concise manner.
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