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5.1 How to Register a Student Account on PeerWise

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1. Visit the Login URL in your Browser

2. Select your School/Institution.

  1. Type in "Toronto."
  2. Select University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) from the drop down menu.
  3. Select on "Go" button.

3. (First time Use Only): Register an Account

  1. If you've already registered, you can login here with your username and password. If this is your first time, you need to Register first.
  2. To access the system, you need to register for PeerWise. This registration is free.

3.1. Registration Instructions

Before you begin the registration process, you need to know two pieces of information:

  1. The Course ID: 17051
  2. Your Identifier: This is added by the Instructor. For this course, you've been asked to submit a Google Form with your UTORid.
  3. When you have that information, select on "Begin Registration."

4. Create a Username.

  1. Create a username: This username does not have to be your UTORid. It is not visible to others. For security, it is not recommended that you use your UTORid and password.
  2. Select the "Select Name" button.

5. Create a Password.

  1. Create a Password and confirm it.
  2. Select on "Save Password" button.

6. Enter the Course ID.

  1. Enter the Course ID: The course ID for Human Automation Interaction is 17051.
  2. Select the "Join Course" button.

7. Enter your UTORid as your student identifier.

  1. Enter your UTORid: Your UTORid has been added to PeerWise as your student identifier. By entering it here, you are confirming that you have been invited to join this course. Only those whose identifiers have been added with be able to access this course.
  2. Select the "Submit Identifier" button.

8. Confirm the creation of your account.

  1. Select the "Create my PeerWise Account" button.

9. Login to PeerWise using your new credentials.

  1. Enter your Username: This is your created username, not your UTORid (unless you chose to set them to the same).
  2. Enter your Password: This is your created password, not your UTORid password (unless you chose to set them to the same).

10. Begin answering or authoring Questions.

  1. Select on the Course Title "Human Automation Interaction."

10.1. Select your Task.

  1. Your Questions: Review and edit the questions that you've authored.
  2. Answered Questions: Review the questions that you've previously answered.
  3. Unanswered Questions: Answer questions that you have not yet answered.

11. That's it! You've registered a new PeerWise account!

You're now all set up to begin authoring and answering questions.

If this is your first time logging in, I'd recommend answering a few existing questions, and then perhaps tackle authoring your own. When you're all done, you can fill out this experience survey. That's it!

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