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How do I invite guests (non-UofT) to my Zoom session?

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This guide details how to invite a guest/external participant to your Zoom session. It provides a step-by-step process for adding participants who are not part of the UofT community using the Authentication Exceptions feature in Zoom.

This guide is intended for instructors who have limited or plan to limit their Zoom session access to the UofT Community (i.e., those with a email address), but who also wish to invite a guest lecturer, auditing student from another institution, or other visitors from outside the UofT community.

Things to know before you begin

navigation menu of Zoom after selecting Meetings

1. In the navigation menu, select Meetings to find your session.

2. Add the guest to your webinar session

Zoom webinar meeting settings for adding an authentication exception

In the above image, you can see our recommended settings for your Zoom session. Selecting "Only UTM e-mails under site license can join" allows anyone with an email ending in domain to join (even if they have not set up an account through

  1. In your Meeting settings, scroll down to the Security section. Beside Authentication Exception, select Add.

3. Add the guest participant's name and email address

modal box of adding an authentication exception's name and email
  1. Enter the Full Name.
  2. Enter the Email Address.
  3. (Optional) +Add Participant if you'd like to add more exceptions to your webinar session(s).
  4. Select Save.

4. Confirm that you see the exception(s)

All people that you've added as exceptions for the meeting are listed below the "Authentication Exception." Confirm that this list is accurate and as intended.

Zoom meeting settings confirming the added authentication exception
  1. Verify that the participant's name and email is now displayed under Authentication Exception.
  2. Select Save to schedule the meeting after you've selected all your meeting preferences.

5. Share the session invitation with your invited guests

All authorized guests will be automatically sent information on how to join your session. However, you might consider sending the information directly via email or creating and adding it to a calendar invitation. Automatic emails are easy to miss and we recommend confirming the details in a more personal way.

5.1. What does the invitation look like for the invited participant?

Curious about what your guests will see, after you've invited them? After you've clicked Save, the participant will automatically receive the meeting details (Topic, Host, Time, Join Meeting).

An email invitation to the guest of the Zoom webinar
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