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How do I request a Zoom account?

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Zoom is now integrated into Quercus. 

Note for First-Time Users of the Zoom-Quercus Integration:
In order for instructors to use the Zoom-Quercus Integration, they must first sign in to the Zoom Portal using their University of Toronto SSO – Single Sign On, NOT an email address.  

Get a Zoom account

  1. Activate your Zoom account on the U of T Zoom Portal

Avoid "Zoom Bombing"! Internet trolls are using Zoom to share inappropriate content by taking over screens during sessions. To prevent this, we are recommending that you limit who can share content to only the host. Hosts can disable this option in their settings or the Admin controls of a call. You can either change this in your pre-meeting Settings or in the in-call admin settings for Share Screen > Advanced Sharing Settings.

Interested in learning more about Zoom?  

  1. If you have ten minutes or less: Watch this 8:00 minute technical overview video, "How to use Zoom."
  2. If you have an hour: Watch this 60:00 minute overview of how other instructors (from the University of Washington) have used Zoom to enhance their teaching.
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