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Mentee Tips


What is the TEAL COP Mentorship? Each year, mentors and mentees are matched based on interests, experience, and course type. These mentorships are informal and mentee-driven, with the goal that it will help with the (re)development and implementation of your projects. If you are interested in joining the TEAL COP, please email [email protected]

Mentee's Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be prepared to share ideas, interests, concerns and course goals.
  • Initiate contact with mentor and schedule meetings.
  • You are responsible for initiating all contact with your mentor.
  • Be curious and ask direct questions about what you most want to know.
  • Understand the boundaries of your mentoring relationship. Remember that your mentor is a professional role model and guide (and not a counselor).  

Top 8 Tips for Being a Good Mentee

  1. Take Responsibility for Your Own Learning
  2. Be Respectful of Your Mentor’s Time
  3. Set Realistic Expectations with Your Mentor
  4. Come to Each Meeting Prepared
  5. Be Open About Your Needs and Provide Feedback to Your Mentor
  6. Recognize Your Mentor’s Limitations and Appreciate Their Support
  7. Take Appropriate Risks
  8. Be Flexible, Keep an Open Mind, and Have Fun


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