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Compare and select your online grading tool

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This guide presents a comprehensive comparison table for the Crowdmark and Gradescope assessment grading platforms. 

The biggest thing to consider is that while the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering provides the license for Crowdmark, it does not provide one for Gradescope. Gradescope is currently not an approved tool in UofT's Academic Toolbox.

If you are planning to use Gradescope in your course, you would need to secure a license independently and we’d also encourage you to review our blog post before incorporating Gradescope into your course: Tips to safely implement un-vetted tools in your course

1. Crowdmark vs. Gradescope feature comparison

Crowdmark Gradescope
Part of UofT Academic Toolbox


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering provides license

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering does not provide license. If you would like to use it in your course, you would need to obtain the license yourself. You can sign up for a free Gradescope account on homepage to ensure data stored on Canadian servers (not!)
Integrated into Quercus You can connect your Quercus course to Crowdmark, sync course roster and assessment grades Gradescope is not integrated into Quercus – you can’t sync course roster and grades. You will need to manually add students to Gradescope and assessment grades to Quercus.
  • From Crowdmark's U of T Sign in page,  select the "Sign in with Quercus" button 
  • Enter UTORid and password  and log in
  • Authorize Crowdmark to access your account
Access Gradescope from homepage
Set Up
  • Add students to the roster via csv file. Can also allow to self-enroll with an entry code.
  • Add teaching team (Instructors, TAs, and Readers). All have the same level of permissions for adding/removing students, uploading, naming, grading, and responding to regrade requests.  
  • Students will see all instructor names, but TA and Reader names are anonymous to students.
Supported assessment types   Paper-based (Administered)– any question type students can respond to on paper (especially handwritten, calculations)
  • Bubble sheet option available for multiple choice assessments.

Online (Assigned) – assessment set up and administered fully online in Crowdmark.

  • Individual or Group assessments
Paper-based and digital assessments– any question type students can answer on paper or annotate on the document using their device:

Online Assignments (Beta) – assessment set up and administered directly in Gradescope. Students can submit responses in Gradescope interface.

Programming assessment - students submit code projects and instructors can grade them automatically or manually.

Assessment distribution

Paper-based assessment: instructor created question templates in Crowdmark and distributes physical copies of question booklets to students

Online assessment: instructor creates assessment questions in Crowdmark and selects distribution option. Students receive link to assessment via email and submit it in Crowdmark

Paper-based and digital assessments: instructor creates a question template where students will print and write answers in a designated space or annotate on the document using their device

Online assignments (Beta): instructor creates questions in Gradescope. Students log into Gradescope interface to access assessment

Programming assessment: instructor creates assignment in Gradescope. Students log into Gradescope interface to access assessment

  • Grade by question
  • Rubric is shared across graders (shared comments with points in the Comment library)
  • Supports multiple graders
  • Grade by question
  • Can group similar answers and grade as a group
  • Rubric is shared across graders
  • Supports multiple graders
  • Students can request regrade
Adding Assessment Grades to Quercus Gradebook Sync assessment grades with Quercus from the Assessment Results interface in Crowdmark

Steps to add grades from Gradescope to Quercus Gradebook:

  1. Create “No submission” assignment in your Quercus course
  2. Export your Quercus course Gradebook
  3. Download grade report in Gradescope
  4. Enter the grades into the exported Quercus course Gradebook and Save
  5. Import the modified Quercus course Gradebook
Submission file type and size limit

PDF, JPG, and PNG file formats. The size limit is 12mb per JPG or PNG file and 25mb per PDF file.

  • PDF and JPG file formats.
  • One PDF file per assignment.
  • Total size of all files a student can upload to Gradescope is 100MB. A single large file may be rejected due to the time it takes for Gradescope to process it.

2. Learn more about Crowdmark and Gradescope

More about Crowdmark

More about Gradescope

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