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How can I add accommodations for a Crowdmark Assigned Assessment?

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Accommodations are often related to the time a student has to take the assessment and when they have access to the assessment. Crowdmark offers two ways to build these parameters into an assessment; either by:

  1. Adding settings for specific students in assessment - this is best for when assessments are distributed at the same time, or
  2. By duplicating the assessment and releasing it specifically to one student - this option is best when the student is required to complete the assessment at a different time. For accommodations requiring a different start time and that are to be completed within a designated window, you may want to duplicate the assessment and create a timed assessment.

This guide outlines the first option where you can customize the due date, time to complete or lateness penalty for a specific student.

Need some support to build your accommodations in Crowdmark? Like Quercus, Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) (see how ATS can help you with your Quercus accommodations) will be offering to build your accommodations (once permission is granted). However, we are still working on how this process will work. In the meantime, the EdTech Office will build your accommodations in Crowdmark. If you're interested in this support, please contact us at [email protected] to get started. We will need some lead time, so please let us know as soon as possible (at least one week in advance of your assessment) what support you need.

Before you begin

  1. Log in to Crowdmark
  2. Navigate to your imported Quercus course in Crowdmark

Crowdmark support (see their online support website) is provided directly by Crowdmark's support team; the EdTech Office does not have admin access to this third party tool. We've tried to consolidate some helpful support pages to respond to a question we get asked often, but, if you are having any issues, do contact [email protected] directly for individual assistance.

1. Access Crowdmark assessment

  1. In your imported course, select the assessment you would like to change accommodations for.

2. Access student's submission status

  1. Select Students option on the left-hand side navigation menu
  2. Search for a student in the search bar you would like to create accommodation for or find them in the student list
  3. Once you have located the student, under the column Status select either Viewed or Not viewed. This status notes if a student has taken any actions towards that assessment.

3. Customize due date

  1. Check off Customize due date under Accommodation Options
  2. Add a new date and time for the specific student's submission
  3. Select Save button to save the adjusted accommodation.
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