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General Guidelines

  1. General accessibility design guidelines (Canvas)
    1. Includes guidelines about the general layout and format of your page, adding descriptive headings, alt text and captions for images, colour ratio and size for text, and descriptive links
    2. Accessible documents tip sheet
  2. Accessibility options (Canvas)
    1. Keyboard shortcuts masterlist

Quercus Quizzes

  1. Review what accessibility accomodations are available
    1. Options for multiple attempts (for lower stakes/MC quizzes), let students know how to 'flag' questions, allow enough time for completion/access of quiz, allow for free navigation of questions
    2. Quercus quiz delivery suggestions and considerations

Looking for more information about accessibility in quizzes and assignments? UTM has also published a guide on Accommodations in Quercus that details adding extra time or attempts to a quiz and changing a due date for a quiz or assignment.

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