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Review existing U of T Accessibility Resources

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These guides share why and how you can build accessibility into your online courses.

Student Life Resources

  1. Accessibility in Online Education: Planning Guidelines for Faculty and Instructors: Online learning presents many great opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate and connect in new ways. At the same time, as these new opportunities emerge, it is critical as a campus community that we plan for access and inclusion as much as possible in order to ensure all students fully benefit from these new online education tools and have equal opportunities for success.
  2. Tips for Accessibility When Moving to Online Course Delivery: While there are many advantages to online course delivery, including potential improvements to accessibility, there are also some notable pieces to keep in mind. Both the institution as a whole and individual instructors are considered “educational service providers” under the Ontario Human Rights Code, and are required to provide equitable access for students with disabilities. The duty to accommodate persists so long as teaching, learning and assessment continues - even in the face of disruptions due to severe weather, outbreaks of communicable illnesses, and labour unrest.

CTSI Resources

  1. Designing online learning > Accessibility Guidelines: Tips and advice to improve accessibility of course content published within  the institutional online learning system.
  2. Teaching online/remotely - Planning for next term > Making your online course content accessible: There are many ways to create a more accessible, equitable and inclusive learning community in the online environment. Small changes to your course materials and structure can address barriers for all your students, as well as the ones who may require individual accommodations. To help all your students learn course content, it is important to make all of your course materials accessible.
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