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4.8 Record a "Meet your Instructor" video

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This guide includes multiple PowerPoint templates (some with an "on camera" presence and some without) that you can download and use to self-record your own introductory video. This video design is intended for re-use term over term as well as in multiple courses.

1. Open the SharePoint Folder

2. Preview the different video templates

To explore the templates more fully, preview or download the files from the SharePoint Folder containing the "Meet your Instructor" templates.

Looking for a template without an on camera presence? Each full camera option also has a no camera option (these are not depicted above).

3. Download the "Meet your Instructor" Template

  1. Select the template you'd like to download. We'll be updating this list as new templates are developed, so the Sharepoint Folder might look different than this screenshot.
  2. Select on the "Settings" menu to reveal more options.
  3. Select "Download" to save this file locally. We recommend re-saving this to your personal OneDrive. We also recommend that you work from the PowerPoint Desktop application, versus the Web PowerPoint.

4. Review what is included in the template (and how to use it)

Each template file includes:

  1. "How to use this template" slide. This slide serves to remind you of ETO notes and recommendations that are included in the speaker notes pane (you might have to drag this open at the bottom of your file, as the notes do not always show automatically).
  2. Example of Themed slides. The ETO has applied a design to the slidedeck and included recommended components to guide you through your video creation. These can be edited/deleted, as per your preferences.
  3. Example of On Camera slides (using PowerPoint Cameo). The ETO has included "video ready" slides into this "on camera" template (there are other templates without video). When presenting, when this slide is active, your webcam will automatically enable and be recorded. You do not have to fiddle with turning things on and off but, before you proceed to this slide, mentally prepare to shift gears to being on camera (make sure you're ready to talk, look into the camera, and give it a few seconds of silence before you begin talking (this will make editing so much easier!)).
  4. Icon indicating a Hidden Slide. This icon (Slide number crossed out) indicates that while you can see the slide while editing, it will NOT be part of your slide show. You may leave this slide in your deck, or delete it (if preferred).
  5. Icon indicating an animation. This icon (star with trail) indicates that there are animations on this slide. The ETO has added animations to slides to elevate the slide content. We recommend that you preview the slideshow and remove any animations that you do not like.

5. Customize the template

The template file is completely editable; you can change whatever you'd like (even the theme colours!). When you've finalized your changes, you can complete your recording preparation tasks like writing your script (or outline), testing your recording set up, and self-capturing your video content.

Looking for some help to create this video? The ETO can walk you through using the "Meet your Instructor" template, setting up your physical space (key if you plan to be on camera), sharing some key tips for getting the most out of your recordingmaking any editing you want to do easierguiding your video recording via remote directing, and lending a hand with the editing (via our remote editing process, which is available for all video content you've created). If you're interested in this support, contact us at [email protected] or book a content production consultation.

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