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4.5 Mirror your iPad to your computer

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Looking to mirror your iPad to your computer? Displaying your iPad on a computer offers you the capability to choose from two sources to screenshare when using Zoom, MS Teams etc. This article describes and compares three applications that can be used for screen mirroring your iPad to your computer.

Please note that none of these applications have undergone UofT's security and risk management evaluation process and are thus not institutionally supported. Use these tools at your own discretion.

1. QuickTime Player

QuickTime is an pre-installed Mac application that allows MacBook users to view and edit videos. Although QuickTime is also downloadable on Windows, it will not have any of the functionalities aside from viewing videos. Screen mirroring is available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch so long as it is connected to the MacBook via a USB connection.

2. LetsView

LetsView is a screen mirroring application that must be downloaded on both devices (ie. iPad and computer) before use. It utilizes a wireless or USB connection to display the screen; users must scan a QR code or enter a 4-digit PIN on their iPad in order to facilitate screen mirroring (specific setup instructions vary based on device and operating system). LetsView also includes a whiteboard tool which allows the user to write on the presentation.

3. APowerMirror

APowerMirror is a screen mirroring application that must be downloaded onto the computer before use. This application can connect up to four devices at a time using a USB or wireless connection. Other functionalities include a whiteboard, screenshot and screen recording capabilities, and more. APowerMirror is free to download, but you will not be able to use all of its features without paying for a plan. The APowerMirror website includes a full tutorial on how to mirror your iPad onto your computer following installation.

QuickTime Player LetsView APowerMirror
Tool in brief Screen mirror without audio
Screen mirror with audio
Screen mirror with audio
Features Screen, audio, webcam recorder with basic video editing functionality
Whiteboard tool, screen recorder, scan to connect to computer
Screen mirror up to 4 devices at once, screen recorder, whiteboard tool, control your iPad from your computer
Connection type USB USB or WiFi USB or WiFi
Application download Download not required Download onto your computer and iPad Download onto your computer
Compatible platforms macOS macOS, Windows, iOS, Android macOS, Windows
Free Free mirroring, but for additional features paid options are offered Free, but must pay for most additional features (fullscreen mirroring, whiteboard, screen recorder)
Watermark? No No Yes (free version)
Yes Yes No (free version)
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