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Confirming your computer specifications

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This guide provides an overview of the minimum computer specifications for editing. Video production is process intensive; you want lots of power! Depending on your task, you might be using your computer to perform screen capturing, hosting a webinar, or perform post-production (e.g. editing) on your footage. Before purchasing any equipment, we would recommend speaking with your departmental IT contact for advice.

It is recommended that a computer with the minimum specifications found be used for video production (you can use a desktop or laptop set up):

  1. i5 + Processor
  2. 8GB of RAM (16gb of RAM recommended, if possible)
  3. 7200/RPM 500gb Hard Drive (or external hard drive, for video file storage, which is very large)

While your machine might be able to produce and render videos without meeting the above specifications, your process will be significantly slowed and more prone to errors. Rendering videos can be time consuming, especially for videos over 10 mins in length. You need to budget for time when you are planning your video production schedule.

Other elements to consider

  1. Monitors: In addition to a powerful computer, you might also consider getting a large monitor or even a dual monitor set up.
  2. Software: When purchasing software, ensure that it is compatible with your operating system.

Hardware and software selections are personal - you want to pick what works for you and the tools that you are comfortable using. For more options, see what Prof. Don Boyes (Director of FAS' Online Learning Academy) recommends based on his personal experiences teaching online.

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