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How to move multiple videos at once to playlist(s) in YouTube Studio?

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Here is the guide on how to move one or multiple videos at once to a playlist in YouTube Studio.

  1. Once logged onto YouTube, click on the "Your videos" tab on the left to get to YouTube Studio.
  2. Check the top left corner to make sure you are in YouTube Studio. Click on the "Content" tab.
  3. Select the video(s) you would like to add to the same playlist(s).
  4. Click on "Add to playlist".
  5. Choose All playlist(s) that you would like to add the selected videos to. Please note that you may choose one or more playlists for the videos to be added to.
  6. You can also create new playlist(s), and repeat Step 5 if needed.
  7. Click on "SAVE" when done choosing the playlist(s).
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