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How do I enable OpenCast (OCCS) via the instructor and student apps in my Quercus course?

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This guide shows you how to enable the OCCS Instructor App and/or the OCCS Student App in your Quercus course. If you are using OpenCast, you will need to enable it in each course, once per semester. Before you begin, confirm that you are teaching in a classroom with OpenCast using LSM's Instructor Portal (Note: Not all classrooms are OpenCast-enabled).

Why are there two apps? The OCCS Instructor app provides access to administrative settings that you can set to reflect your preferences on how automatic capture will work in your course. The Instructor app is not visible to students. The OCCS Student App is how students access and watch the recordings.

Quick Instructions

  1. Confirm that you are teaching in a classroom with OpenCast using LSM's Instructor Portal (Note: Not all classrooms are OpenCast-enabled)
  2. Go to your Quercus Course > Settings > Navigation tab and enable OCCS Instructor App and/or OCCS Student App.

Have OpenCast questions? If you have any questions about OpenCast, please email [email protected]. OpenCast is supported via the Office of Learning Space Management. You can also read the full OpenCast documentation.

  1. Enter the course in which you'd like to enable the OpenCast applications.
  2. Find Settings on your course navigation menu.
  3. Using the horizontal tab, change the Settings default tab from Course Details to Navigation.

2. Find the OCCS apps in the list of menu items

On the Course Navigation tab, you will see a long (and changing, as new apps are rolled out) options. They do not appear to be in alphabetical order, so search for the OCCS apps (likely near the end of the list but it might appear differently for you).

3. Drag/or use settings to enable the OCCS apps

  1. Select the settings menu (indicated by the three vertical dots) to expose your options for enabling the apps.
  2. Select "Enable"

3.1. Confirm apps appear in the "enabled" section of the apps list

After you've selected "Enable" for both OCCS applications, scroll to the top of the Navigation tab to confirm that the apps you moved appear above  the "Drag items here..." text break.

Want to change the order of your menu items? You can do that! Use the Settings > Navigation tab to reorder your course menu links into your preferred order (see how do I reorder my course navigation links? for more details). Remember to hit save!

4. Select on the Save button

  1. Don't forget to hit Save! It is a bit unexpected to also have to hit save, which is sneakily hidden at the bottom of the list.

5. Confirm apps appear on Course menu

After saving, the OCCS Student App and the OCCS Instructor App will appear on your course menu. The Instructor App (even though there is no crossed eye indicator will NOT be visible to students). The Student App will be visible to students.

Still can't see the OCCS apps? If you do not see these apps in your course menu, return to Navigation > Settings and ensure that you've saved the changes when moving these apps.

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