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How to access web conferencing details for sessions

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This guide provides instructions on how to the view the session's location for EVE conference sessions. Usually, the join information for sessions is only available to those who have registered for the session.

Before you begin

In order to view the web conferencing information for sessions:

  1. You need to be registered for the Conference (the parent event).
  2. You need to have selected your sessions and added them to your "My Sessions" tab. If you have not signed up for sessions within the EVE conference or workshop, we'd recommend that you first follow this guide to selecting your sessions.

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After you've registered for the conference and after you've selected your sessions, you then:

  1. Scroll to the timetable
  2. Select on a pre-selected session to view its details

1. Scroll to the timetable

Visit the EVE event page for the conference/worshop (for example, this is the EdTech Workshop 2021 Event page).

After scrolling to the bottom of the event information, you will see the timetable. Within the timetable, the sessions that you have selected will be indicated with "Selected."

2. Select on a pre-selected session to view its details

  1. If you've selected the session, you will see the web conferencing information. If you have not, this section will not be populated. (If you haven't selected sessions, check out our guide to selecting conference sessions on EVE).

Add the session to your calendar! While EVE doesn't do this for you automatically, we recommend that you add sessions and their web conferencing details to your calendar. You don't want to forget!

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