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After you've completed your registration for an EVE conference (e.g. EdTech Workshop), you can/should register for specific sessions (once they are posted). This guide provides guidance on selecting sessions.

In order to select sessions within a conference, you first need to be registered for the conference.

1. Go to the Event page

Each EVE event has a unique URL for that event. For example, this is the event page for the EdTech Workshop 2021. In order to login, and to view the timetable, you will need to authenticate using your UTORid and password.

1.1. How do I know if I'm registered or not?

  1. Your button should read "Un-register" - if it still says register when you visit this page (logged in), you aren't registered for this particular event. After you register, you can proceed with these instructions.

2. Scroll down and navigate to the "My Sessions" tab

Scroll down to the bottom of the event information until you hit the timetable.

  1. Navigate from the "Timetable" default tab to the "My Sessions" tab.

3. Use the "Choose Sessions" button to select your preferred session

For each block that has more than one session, you'll see a "Choose Session" button.

  1. Select the "Choose session" button.
  2. On the pop window, review the sessions by selecting on the title - this will reveal the description for each session. Use the links to explore even further.
  3. When you've made your decisions, select the "Select" button. This will close the dialog box.
  4. If you're not ready to make the decision, use the "Close" button to exit.

4. Repeat until you've selected a session in each timeslot

  1. Use the "Choose session" button to continue making selections.

Change your mind? Not to worry - just use the "Change" button and you can swap to another session.

  1. Scroll back up to the top of the event page and select on the "Print my Sessions" button.

You can save your custom schedule on your computer for reference during the day!

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