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Creating a "Newscaster" style video with OBS and Slidedeck (Prof. Romkey)

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We wish we'd thought of it, but we didn't! Each capture set up is personal, depending on style and type of video that is being authored. We thought it would be valuable to share how different faculty use different combinations of hardware and software to produce their course content. Prof. Romkey created asynchronous video content for her students to watch, on their own time, in preparation for live, synchronous interactive "lecture" sessions. By combining the different modalities, she (and co-instructor, Prof. Rob Irish) reduced the in-person two hour lecture component to 1 hour of "async" videos and 1 hour of "sync" lecture session.

Submitted by: Prof. Lisa Romkey
Contact Info: [email protected] | Engineering Science bio website
Ask them about: Asynchronous video production, picture-in-picture videos
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1. See the style in action

Prof. Romkey estimates that, once a routine was established (it does take time to develop this), she can create a ten minute video in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. This is a big time commitment, but the idea is that these videos can be re-used in future terms (and even shared in different classes).

2. Hardware used in the making of these videos

2.1. Physical set up

These photos depict Prof. Romkey's physical set up, in her home office:

2.2. Equipment List (for purchasing)

Category Specific for this set up
Camera Logitech C920 HD Webcam | $169.95 | See similar webcam options or a stand alone camera options
Computer MacBook Pro | Please contact your departmental IT office for advice on purchasing a computer
Tablet iPad - Note that this was not used in filming, but was found to be helpful to have notes accessible on
Content Authoring Software

Keynote - Used to create visual digital content in the form of a slidedeck (see other content authoring software options)

Editing Software
  1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) -  Free download; used to edit together multiple feeds (see our guide to setting up OBS for this style of "newscaster" video)
  2. iMovie - Used for video editing, after the recording was completed; especially to edit some sound imperfections (see other no cost video editing options for both Mac and Windows)

Greenscreen | $86.43 | See similar greenscreen options (Look for one that does not wrinkle when folded away)

Microphone Microphone Kit with LED Light | $75.99 | See similar microphone options
Lighting Ring light with Tripod | $39.99 | See similar external lighting options (the more lights, the easier to control shadows and to ensure that your videos are lit consistently)
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