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Capture and Recording Equipment Setup (Prof. Scott Ramsay)


We wish we'd thought of it, but we didn't! Each capture set up is personal, depending on style and type of video that is being authored. We thought it would be valuable to share how different faculty use different combinations of hardware and software to produce their course content. Prof. Ramsay recently shared his technical setup during his webinar, "OneNote, two note, red note, blue note: Using OneNote for remote lectures" (please note that you will need to login via your O365 account to view the recording) where he discusses the ways that he has been using Microsoft OneNote for or lecture delivery in the remote learning environment.

Submitted by: Prof. Scott Ramsay 
Contact Info: [email protected] | MSE Bio Website
Ask him about: Anything related to video production! (Especially which style of video is most effective...) including Whiteboard Style Videos, Khan Academy Style Videos, Ted Talk Style Videos
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1. Hardware Set up

  1. Photography Umbrella with stand and LED photobulb - Used to diffuse light, photography umbrellas soften and spread the light, allowing for off-camera lighting without the hard, harsh shadows.
  2. Monitor - Used as an Extended desktop from (5) Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16.
  3. Apple Pen (2nd Generation)
  4. iPad Pro
  5. Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 - This Wacom's display has a built in computer with these specifications: Intel Core i7 Quadcore 8th generation processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics.
  6. Video Editing keyboard - Video editing keyboards help edit faster by colour grouping similar tools and displaying over 150 shortcuts, icons and text.
  7. Monitor for Mac Pro - Used for video editing with Final Cut Pro.
  8. LED Photo Light with tripod - This can be run on AC or battery.
  9. Collapsible Reflector - These portable reflectors help shape light by diffusing or bouncing sunlight and/or flash.
  10. DSLR Camera - Used to provide a shallow depth of field (eg. blurring out the background, while keeping subject in focus).

2. Examples of Equipment in use

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