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For Participants: What should I do if I can't see my course on my Dashboard?

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When you login to Quercus, you might see not see all of your courses listed under Courses. If you are a student and you do not see your course, it may not be available on your Dashboard. Follow these steps to view all of your course and choose which ones to see on your Dashboard.

Before you begin this guide, please login to Quercus and enter your course.

1. Check under "All Courses".

Sometimes, courses are not displayed on the dashboard by default. It is recommended that you double check for the course under "All Courses."

  1. Select on the "Courses" icon on the main Canvas Menu.
  2. Select on the "All Courses" link on the options dialog.

2. Star the classes you want to see on your Dashboard.

  1. Star/Unstar: Only courses that are starred appear on the main dashboard. If you cannot see a course there, but you see it here, you'll want to confirm that you've starred it. You can then return to the Dashboard to confirm.

3. Confirm course is on Dashboard.

  1. Select "Dashboard".
  2. Confirm the course you starred is on your Dashboard. If not, ensure that the star is pinned on "All Courses", as in Part 2.
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