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Overview: PeerScholar User Interface (January 2015)

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This guide provides an overview to the commonly used components of the PeerScholar Interface.

Dashboard Tab

Dashboard Tab
  1. Dashboard Tab: To see the calendar view, you select the Dashboard Tab. This view provides an overview of the deadlines for each of your assignments and their phases.
  2. Deadline Indicator: By scrolling over an indicator, you will see a quick view of the action item.

NOTE: You may have multiple assignments from multiple classes visible on this calendar. To view classes individually, move from the "Dashboard" tab to the specific class tab (next step).

Class Tab

Class Tab

When creating, completing, and assessing assignments you want to ensure that you are modifying the correct one, in the correct class. This screen provides multiple confirmations in the form of Course Codes, Instructor details, etc. Make sure that you confirm what you are working on before you do any editing.

  1. Course Tab: If you are working on an assignment, it will likely be easier to find it on the course tab. While the calendar provides an overview, this tab provides a list of assignment pertaining to that particular course.
  2. Filter: You can use this filter to limit the list on this page by Status. Using the filter means that some of your assignments will be hidden until you reset the filter. Depending on your course, you might have more than one assignment in each course. Often, phases will overlap - you'll be assessing a previous assignment while submitting content for an upcoming one.
  3. Sort by: You can use this sort field to order your assignments by Phase. Using this sort does not hide any assignments, it simply orders and groups them for you. This can be useful when you have many assignments that are in different phases.
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