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How can I request access to REDCap?


This guide contains instructions on how to request an account for the University of Toronto's recommended survey and data analysis tool, REDCap. REDCap can be used for both academic research and administrative purposes. There is no cost to university staff or departments. Before you can access REDCap, you need to request an account from your Divisional REDCap administrator. At FASE, our administrator is Dr. Qin Liu (Senior Research Associate of ISTEP).

If you already have a REDCap account, then general support for the tool is handled via [email protected]

Requesting access to REDCap at FASE

  1. Fill out the REDCap Account Request Form (below)
  2. Submit a request form to Dr. Qin Liu (Senior Research Associate of ISTEP)
  3. Once the request is received, it is escalated to a service centre for account creation.
  4. You will get access to REDCap within a few days after the request form is submitted.

Download the REDCap Account Request Form (Version posted November 03, 2020)

Why REDCap? The University conducted a comprehensive search for a tool a few years ago and settled on REDCap as opposed to other far more expensive commercial products, sometimes with uncertain data storage locations. For a full list of features, please see the REDCap features list.

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