How can I time release videos?

You may choose to schedule the release of video content within their Quercus course, instead of providing all video content at once. Within a Quercus module there are two options for scheduling the release of videos:

1. By scheduling the unlocking of a module at an appropriate time and date, or

2. By scheduling the availability of a File (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint file, etc.)

Before you Begin

  1. Before you can time release your videos, they should to be hosted on a U of T support platform, such as Office 365's Microsoft Stream or MyMedia. Note: We do not recommend uploading videos directly into Quercus due to course size restrictions. For more information on this, please review Which Video Hosting Site is right for you?
  2. Once your videos are hosted, in order to add your videos to your Quercus shell, you will need to obtain the video's direct URL on the hosting platform. See How can I copy the direct URL for my video?

How to use Quercus modules and Files to time release videos

  1. Time release videos by unlocking modules - Using this method works best when you have a single module dedicated to releasing videos.
  2. Time release videos by scheduling File availability - This method works best when you would like to time release video in a module, where you have or plan to include a variety of module items (such as Pages, Assignments, Quizzes, etc.).