How can I add my Lecture Capture YouTube playlist to my course?

The following introduces steps required to add Lecture Capture content to a Quercus course shell. These instructions are for instructors who are participating in the EdTech Office's Lecture Capture Program but should work for anyone who would like to embed a video playlist into their course.

Should I use YouTube? YouTube is a great option for video streaming, as it is very reliable and familiar to students. However, if you are teaching an online or distributed class, you might consider using MyMedia to ensure that students in varied geographical areas can access the videos.

  1. Select Modules in the course menu.
  2. Select "+Module" to add a new module.

2. Create Lecture Capture Module

  1. Enter "Lecture Capture" as the module title.
  2. Select "Add Module"

3. Add content to Module

  1. In the Lecture Capture module created in Step 2, select the + to add content.

4. Add "Lecture Capture" Page

  1. In the dropdown menu, select "Page".
  2. Select "New Page".
  3. Enter "Lecture Capture" as the page name
  4. Select "Add Item" to add the page to the module.

5. Open Lecture Capture Page

  1. Open the page by selecting "Lecture Capture".

6. Edit Page

  1. To add the Youtube Playlist, select "Edit".
  1. In YouTube, navigate to the playlist.
  2. Select "Edit"

8. Select "Share"

  1. Select "Share".

9. Select "Embed"

  1. Select "Embed".
  2. Copy the entire embed code, from iframe to iframe. (We will paste this code on our Quercus page).

10. Add content to page

  1. Supply written text explaining what the page is about.
  2. Select "HTML Editor".

11. Embed YouTube Playlist

  1. Under the "View the latest Lecture Captures in the playlist below:" text, press enter 2 times to create a space and go to Edit > Paste, to paste the code.
  2. Select "Save & Publish" to save the page and make it available for students to see.

12. Publish Lecture Capture Module

  1. To make the module visible to students, select the Publish button until you see a green circle with white checkmark.