What settings can I select on my content (video and audio) uploads?

This guide details the parameters that you can select for each video or audio file that you upload to MyMedia (see How do I upload content to MyMedia? if you have questions in that area).

1. Metadata options

On the "Metadata" tab, you can:

  1. Edit the upload title.
  2. Edit the upload description.
  3. Select keywords to describe the video (for searching and for categorization).
  4. Upload a new image to act as the cover image (preview) for this file.

2. Track Options

On the "Tracks" tab, you can:

  1. Get more information on adding new tracks (see Media Tracks)
  2. Create a new track

3. Access Options

On the "Access" tab, you can:

  1. Publish Media: If you toggle this setting off, it would not be accessible. This is helpful if you want to upload content but time release it during the semester, or, if you want to disable the content while the course is not running.
  2. Sharing options: You can choose between limited access to the content (via your sharing option) to those with a UTORid (University of Toronto radio option) or publicly (No restrictions). Note that if you share the upload publicly, you should also upload a captions file (see How do I upload a captions file to MyMedia?).
  3. Allow for Download: If you toggle this setting off, viewers will not be able to download the file to their local device. It is recommended that you enable downloading whenever possible as this provides more flexibility for viewing (viewers can download content and watch it without relying on an active Internet connection).
  4. Allow for Discovery: If you would like your upload to be searchable, toggle this option to on.