How to Login to Crowdmark

COVID-19 Process: To request Crowdmark to be activated for your course, please contact their support staff <> and include your course code.

Crowdmark is not a universally accessible tool. If you have not requested access to this tool, please request access before following this help guide.

1. Login to Crowdmark via your browser.

Visit the Crowdmark website to login.

  1. Select the "Sign in with Quercus" button.
  2. Enter your UTORid.
  3. Enter you UTORid password.
  4. Select the "log in" button.

1.1. Authorize Crowdmark to access your account.

  1. Select on the "Authorize" button.

2. You've successfully logged into the Crowdmark Dashboard.

After login, you might want to:

  1. Change your Domain
  2. Import an existing Quercus Course