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Where can I get in-class technology support?

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The Office of Learning Space Management (LSM) provides extended technical support for teaching activity in LSM-managed rooms (see if you're teaching in an LSM room using the LSM Instructor Look up).

1. When do I contact the ETO and when do I contact LSM?

LSM: technical support, additional hardware, in room support

EdTech Office: advice and consultation regarding teaching strategies and technology

2. How do I contact them?

LSM provides and supports A/V equipment for centrally-managed classrooms (the rooms you can book on this site).

Please visit their support site for the most current information; this information might not be updated immediately.

  • General Enquiries: (416) 978-2187
  • General Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: (416) 978-4802

If your classroom is not an LSM-managed room, A/V is likely handled by your local department. LSM and non-LSM can be located in the same building (even next to one another).

3. What is the LSM website?

To learn more about their services, visit the Learning Space Management website.

4. How do I request extra Audio Visual equipment?

For extra in room equipment, you can submit an A/V Equipment Requisition Form. This includes teaching station, DVD player, Microphone, P.A. System and other hardware equipment requests.

5. How do I find out more about the Tech2U program?

For more information about the Tech2U program, you can visit their website and submit an inquiry.

Still have questions? Contact the FASE EdTech Office