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I would like to create a mandatory survey for each student group to complete. How can I do this in Quercus?


Answer: To create a mandatory survey in Quercus, you'll want to create a new Quiz (type is survey), add it to a module, and add a requirement to the module so that students cannot proceed with the course until they've submitted the survey. You could also provide motivation to complete the survey by making it graded.

How to add a mandatory survey to your Quercus course

  1. Create a new Quiz (type = survey) (see How do I create a new quiz/survey?)
  2. Add your Quiz to a module (see How to time release assessments (using module requirements))
  3. Add a requirement to your module (see How do I add a requirement?)

In Quercus, the Quizzes tool allows you to create two types of assessments:

  1. Quiz - Used to test/check in on students' learning for summative and formative assessments.
  2. Survey - Used to collect non-graded feedback from students. This is typically used to poll students for feedback and preferences. Note that while they can be semi-anonymous (student name is not attached to survey), you can see who completed and who did not; for a truly anonymous survey, we recommend using a Microsoft Form (see how do I create an anonymous survey?).
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