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How can I copy the embed code for my video?


When uploading video content to Quercus, the direct video URL is needed to link the video to your course content. Depending on where your video is hosted, either on Microsoft Stream or MyMedia, the direct video URL can be copied from the hosting platform.

To copy the direct URL for your video, navigate to your hosting platform:

  1. My videos are hosted on Microsoft Stream 
  2. My videos are hosted on MyMedia

1. My videos are hosted on Microsoft Stream

If your videos are on Microsoft Stream, navigate to your Stream via the O365 Waffle Menu > All apps, then:

  1. Select "My content".
  2. Then select "Videos".

1.1. Update Video Details

  1. To change the viewing permissions of your video, select "Update Video Details"

1.2. Change Permissions

In order for your video to be viewable by others, you must grant them viewing permission. The two available permission options are:

  1. "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" - This means that anyone within the U of T community is able to view and search for your video on Stream.
  2. "Share with People" - This allows you to add individuals by searching for their name, and only these individuals will be able to view your video.
  3. Once you have picked a permission option, select "Apply"

1.3. Select Share

  1. On the main video viewing page, select "Share".
  1. Select the "Embed" tab.
  2. Select "Copy" to save the embed code for your video.

2. My Videos are hosted on MyMedia

If your videos are hosted in MyMedia, log into your MyMedia account, then:

  1. Select "Share Media".
  1. To get the Embed Code, select "Copy".

Now that you have the Embed Code for your video, you can use it to embed your video on a page. For more specific instructions on this, please see How do I upload and embed media from an external source in the New Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

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