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How can I check the status of my Bb Collaborate recording?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

After a Bb Collaborate session recording has ended, the recorded video will be processed and can take an hour or so (depending on the length of the session) to appear in the list of Recordings.

If you would like to check the processing status of a recorded Bb Collaborate session, use the instructions in this guide to access your recording's status.

What happens if you forget to stop the recording? As long as you have started the recording, Bb Collaborate will automatically start processing the recording once all participants have exited the session and closed their session window.

1. Navigate to your course's Bb Collaborate Recordings.

  1. To access a recording, if available, follow the same procedure that you use to access any recording.

2. View the Status of your recording

  1. Underneath the Status column you will see the current status of your recording. If the video is still rendering then it will show "Processing", and when it is complete it will show "Done".
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