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How do I pre-assign groups and use them for reoccurring BB Collaborate breakout groups?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

The following guide will outline how you can create Bb Collaborate student groups in Quercus before the live session, and then during the live Bb Collaborate session, how to create and adjust the breakout group settings to allow students to navigate to their specific breakout group.

Currently, Bb Collaborate does not save the Breakout groups or the participants who were in those specific groups. Thus, if the breakout groups are stopped then there is no efficient way for the Teaching Team to place the participants back in their original breakout groups.

1. Create Quercus Group Set

  1. In your Quercus Course, navigate to People.
  2. To create a Group Set, select "+Group Set".

2. Create Groups in Group Set

If you have a large class, you may want to consider using the UT Advanced Group Tool to easily create and populate groups. For more details, see How do I use the UT Advanced Group tool to create project groups in large classes?

When creating a group set, the instructor can choose from three ways to create students groups in Quercus: students sign-up for a group, or the instructor can automatically or manually create and populate the groups.  For more specific information on these options, see Groups and for the student group guide, see Group tool: Student View.

  1. Enter "Bb Collaborate Group" in for Group Set Name. Note: Since the maximum amount of groups allowed in Bb Collaborate is 20, then no more than 20 groups should be created.
  2. Allow self sign-up - This option will allow students to self sign up for a specific group.
  3. Split students into # groups - Selecting this option will automatically split the students into groups.
  4. I'll create groups manually - This option will allow you to manually set the groups.
  5. Select "Save".

3. Confirm students are in groups

Depending on how the groups are populated, you may have to wait for the groups to fill up.

  1. Confirm that your students have been distributed into their groups. Note: All of your students have been assigned to groups when the Unassigned Students count is 0.

4. Inform students to remember Group number

Ensure that students can see their group numbers by enabling the People menu option in your course navigation. For more details on how to enable People, see How to do I modify the menu items on my course navigation menu?

Now that your students are in specific groups, they should remember their group number so they can access the same group in Bb Collaborate. Students can access their group number by:

  1. Navigating to People.
  2. Select "Groups" tab.
  3. Locating their name in one of the groups to identify their Group number for Bb Collaborate.

If you do not have Bb Collaborate in your course menu, please use this guide to enable it: How do I add Bb Collaborate to my course?

  1. In your course shell, navigate to Bb Collaborate.
  2. Depending on where you want to create the breakout groups, select either your Course Room or created session.

In Bb Collaborate, students may accidentally enter the wrong group, thus it is important to communicate that this may happen and include instructions on how to enter their correct group.

When you are in your live Bb Collaborate session create the Breakout Groups:

  1. If not open, select the purple tab to open the Collaborate panel.
  2. Navigate to "Share Content".
  3. Select "Breakout Groups".

7. Set up and Start Breakout Groups

To create empty breakout groups that students can navigate to based on their assigned Bb Collaborate group in Quercus:

  1. For Assign Groups, choose "Custom Assignment".
  2. Checkmark "Allow attendees to switch groups".
  3. Add more Groups by selecting the + sign until you have the same number of groups created in Step 2 in Quercus. Reminder: The maximum amount of groups allowed in Bb Collaborate is 20.
  4. To create the empty groups, select "Start".

8. Have students navigate to assigned Bb Collaborate Group

  1. Confirm that you have the same number of groups in Quercus and for Breakout groups.
  2. Students can enter in their group by selecting the Join group icon for that specific group.
  3. To stop the breakout groups, select the end breakout groups icon.

If you would like students to rejoin their groups, you will have to recreate them from Step 7 to Set up and Start Breakout Groups, and then have them rejoin their designated group.

Congrats! You've created Quercus groups that students can use to navigate to their Bb Collaborate Breakout Groups!

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