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Consider a Quercus course template

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Course templates can be useful starting points. They can be imported as a file into your sandbox or course and then edited, as desired.

If you are importing a public course template, your course will inherit some settings from the imported course template, including course visibility and content license settings. Be sure to review and change these settings accordingly, as detailed in the Review your course Visibility and Content License settings section of our guide, How do I import a course template?

Available course templates

  1. FASE ETO Quercus Template Course - this course is structured using modules and includes sample components for an online or hybrid course, including: modules with prerequisites and requirements, pages (e.g., Home Page options, academic support resources, module overview, teaching team information), assessments with rubrics (assignment, quiz, discussion), and announcements. Each page includes instructor guidelines/information/suggestions for using the example.
  2. Example Remote/Online Course Template (created by Will Heikoop - Online Learning Strategies (OLS), U of T) - This course is an example of a fully online course. It includes tips and strategies, as well as some resources to help you be successful in this mode of learning.  It includes an online student resource called Is Taking An Online Course Right For Me.
  3. Assessment and Feedback in Quercus - This course contains examples of different types of assessments (e.g.,Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, ePortfolios, Journal) and feedback options (e.g.,SpeedGrader, Rubrics).  
  4. FASE Reference Course - You can preview the course, but not all elements are visible (like assessments) in the preview. The intent with this reference course is to provide a comprehensive starting point with a lot of resources, in line with the tools that they connect with. It can be a lot, though, as a starting point, and for simplicity, you might consider the FASE ETO Quercus Template Course or the Example Remote/Online Course template for quicker building.

This template is still under development and we will be posting updates as regularly as possible. If you have suggestions of things that would be helpful to add to this template, please send them to [email protected]

Download the FASE Reference Course v3 (September 01, 2020)

To use this reference course as a starting point (or even for a template, if you'd like), download the .zip course file and upload the file into your sandbox or course (see how to import a course package). You can select to include all elements or select specific elements to import.

Curious about other Canvas courses? You can see shared, public examples of Canvas courses, representing those created at the University of Toronto as well as other institutions. There are also some great home and course page suggestions (with HTML) available on the Seattle University Homepage tables course.

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