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Introduce the etiquette for the interactive features


Bb Collaborate Ultra has a lot of features (see Collaborate Session Features for a full list) - you likely won't be using all of them during each session; you can pick and choose which ones work and which ones do not. This guide introduces the most commonly used attendee-facing interactive tools.

At the beginning of your session, you want to run through the expectations of how these tools will be used and when.

Download the Bb Collaborate Tutorial slides (editable) resource that details:

  1. How to open the Collaborate panel - Do they know how to access the attendees tab (to see who else is there)?
  2. How to test your microphone, video, and speaker settings - Should they check to make sure everything is working?
  3. How to toggle the microphone on/off - Should they mute until they speak? (This is especially important for large classes.)
  4. How to send a chat message - Will students be chatting during your session? Will someone be moderating this chat?
  5. How to raise your  hand - Do they need to raise their hand before they ask a question? If not, how would you like questions to work?
  6. How to toggle between content and camera - Do they know that they control what is the focal point on their screen?

Once you've introduce the etiquette for the features, you have to stick to it - this is harder at the beginning, but you're supporting students as they learn how to be online students in your course. Be patient and repeat often.

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