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Schedule your session and notify your attendees


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  1. Schedule your session
  2. Select session settings
  3. Share the session info with your attendees (students, guests, etc.)

Have you enabled Bb Collaborate Ultra in your course? See "How do I add Bb Collaborate to my course?" before you  begin these instructions.

1. Schedule your session

To schedule a new Bb Collaborate Ultra session, see "How do I create a new scheduled session?"

2. Select session settings

To review Bb Collaborate Ultra session settings, see Blackboard's Session Settings. These include settings to make before your session begins as well as settings that you can change during a session.

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3. Share the session info with your attendees

  • Students can access scheduled sessions via Bb Collaborate on the course menu. You can include the guest link (for instructions on grabbing the guest link, see "How do I invite guests to join the webinar session?") in Announcements, Modules, Pages, Conversations/Inbox, etc.
  • Especially before the first session, make sure to communicate to students how and when they should join the session.

Interested in other webinar tools? You can review this comparison of commonly used webinar tools at Engineering.

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