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How do I enable the local dial in number to call in to sessions?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

Previously, when setting your Bb Collaborate room or session, it was recommended that you turn off the option to allow participants to connect to your webinar via telephone due to the number being a long distance US number for North America.

Bb Collaborate now has a Canadian dial-in phone number that your participants can use to call locally if they cannot connect to your session via a browser.

1. Select Bb Collaborate.

  1. Select on "Bb Collaborate" after you've entered your course.

Before you can proceed with these directions, Bb Collaborate must be enabled in your course.

2. Open your "Edit Settings" options from "Session Settings" menu.

Find the session you'd like to edit and:

  1. Use the "Session Options" menu (indicated by the circle and dots) to open the editable session options.
  2. Select on "Edit Settings" from the setting menu; these can be edited at any time.

3. Ensure "Allow attendees to join the session using a telephone" is checked

After the "Session Setting" panel opens:

  1. Ensure there is a check-mark for the option "Allow attendees to join the session using a telephone"
  2. View the new Canadian Anonymous dial-in number that you can share with your participants. NOTE: Participants will also have access to this number when they select the Bb Collaborate session.
  3. Select "Save"
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