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How do I join a Breakout room?


Breakout rooms are used to divvy a larger group into smaller groups. They can be configured to assign you to a group or you might be asked to self-select into a group. This guide details how to join a breakout group (after they have been created by a member of the teaching team).

  1. Open the "Collaborate" Panel (if this icon is indicated with arrows).
  2. Navigate to the "Attendees" tab.

2. On the "Attendees" tab, select a group to join.

  1. Ensure that the breakout rooms have started; visually indicated by black banner with "Breakout Groups."
  2. As a participant, you can select to join available rooms by selecting on the "Join" green arrow icon.

3. Wait until your session re-connects to the Breakout Room.

In this example, "Student" is moving from the "Main Room" to the breakout room, "Group 1."

4. Confirm that you have entered the breakout room.

  1. In live session, you will see the other members of your group listed here.

Typically, you will have been given instructions on what to do in the break out room - this could be working together on a problem, sharing thoughts on an article, generating a docment, or any number of things. While this space is not recorded, a member of your teaching team can drop in at any time.

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