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How can a student share their screen?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

In a Bb Collaborate session, those with moderator or presenter roles can share their screens using the "Share Content" tool.

To allow students to share content, you will temporarily promote their role from "participant" to "presenter" or "moderator." (Teaching team members will automatically have a moderator role in Bb Collaborate sessions.) When the task is complete, you can revert their role back to "participant." This extra step helps prevent unexpected screen-sharing takeovers.

This functionality is also available in large scale sessions (+250 attendees; see "Manage Sessions > Large Scale Sessions" for more details).

If you are hosting a small session, and you know that you'd like everyone to be presenters or above, you can change the default entry role on the session settings.

1. Have all participants join your Bb Collaborate session.

This can be done via your Quercus class or via the Guest URL. Role changes are done in session, after attendees have joined the session.

2. When ready to invite sharing, navigate to the "Attendees" tab of the "Collaborate" Panel.

  1. Select on the Collaborate Panel to expand it. (Note: If you panel is collapsed, it will be marked with an "arrow" icon.)
  2. Select on the Attendees tab, indicated by the "people" icons.
  3. Search the list of "participants" to find the person that you'd like to promote to "presenter."

3. Select on the "Attendee" controls and select "Make presenter" from the list of options.

  1. Expand the "attendee controls" menu (indicated by the three dots) to show all options available to you (as the moderator).
  2. Select "Make presenter" to upgrade this person's role in the session.

4. Confirm new role in session.

Student 1 now appears under the category, "Presenter." Role change has been successful.

5. Verbally direct the student to begin sharing their screen via the "Share Content" tab.

After you've enabled their ability to share, you might want to encourage them to do so. They might not even realize that their status has been changed, to allow for this functionality, so it is always recommended to walk everyone through what you are doing and how you intend for it to be used within the session.

  1. The new presenter can be directed to the "Share Content" tab, which will allow them to share a Whiteboard, an application/screen (depending on system configuration), and files.

6. Revert "Presenter" back to "Participant" (when sharing is complete).

Upon completion of the task, you might want to revert the person's status back to "Participant." You do this by reversing what you did above:

  1. Select on the person's "Attendee Controls."
  2. Select "Make Participant."

This will revert the person's level of control over the session back to the more typical "participant" status.

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