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Track campus closures and updates

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This resource is intended for pro-active planning and not for immediate distress or an emergency situation. If you're feeling distressed, there are support resources available.

1. Sign up for Institutional updates

The University of Toronto provides a few ways to keep up-to-date on the current status of each of the three campuses:

  1. Campus Status website (important messages/updates are posted in the body region, as well as current status and emergency contact information)
  2. Register for UTAlert (important messages are sent directly to your phone and email)
  3. Follow U of T's main social media accounts: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | View the U of T Social Media Directory for Departmental/Divisional Accounts

1.1. Sign up for Faculty updates

  1. Refer to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering website
  2. Follow the official Twitter accounts for: Dean Chris Yip | U of T Engineering

The footer of the U of T website also provides quick, at-a-glance campus status:

Interested in knowing more about how decisions around closure is made? Refer to the "Cancellation of Classes and/or Closures Due to Adverse Weather" policy.

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