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For Participants: Using the Whiteboard in Bb Collaborate


As a participant, you will not be able to control whether or not the Whiteboard tool is showing. If it is, depending on the session, you'll be able to contribute to the whiteboard using the drawing tools.

1. Whiteboard Interface

  1. Whiteboard - The Whiteboard will open up as a blank whiteboard. This is the area where you can use the drawing tools on.  
  2. Drawing Tools - These tools can be used to interact with the whiteboard. In this toolbox, there is a selection tool, Pointer, pencil, shapes text, clear and colour picker.

NOTE: Moderators will often enable and disable this tool, as needed, during the session. They will likely verbally indicate when they are expecting your participation.

2. Drawing Tool options

  1. Select Tool - This allows you to select existing objects on the whiteboard. After you have selected an object, you can delete, resize, and move objects.
  2. Pointer Tool - This tool option allows your to change your cursor to a hand that allows you to point to different areas of the visible slide. TIP: Use this to allow other attendee to see where you are pointing to an item on the whiteboard. The Select arrow is not visible to other attendees.
  3. Pencil Tool - This is a freehand drawing tool that lets you create drawn lines. Using the Select tool, you can move, resize, rotate or change the colour, as needed.
  4. Shapes Tool - This allows you to draw a solid rectangle/square or circle. Using the Select tool, you can move, resize, rotate or change the colour, as needed.
  5. Text Tool - This allows you to type a label or a paragraph of text.
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