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For Participants: How to Start using Collaborate Ultra


This module will help you explore the Collaborate Ultra interface.

Before you begin this guide, please login to Quercus and enter your course.

  1. In your course menu, choose Bb Collaborate.

2. Select a Session to Join.

Your instructor may have chosen the Course Room or created a Scheduled Session for their webinar.

  1. To enter a Collaborate Ultra Session, simply select the name (link) for an active session (either the main Course Room or a Scheduled Session).

3. Open Collaborate Panel

  1. Once you have entered the webinar, access the interactive tools and settings by selecting the "Open Collaborate Panel".

4. Check Audio and Video Settings

Once you have entered into the Collaborate session, check the audio and video settings to ensure that you can hear and watch the webinar.

  1. In the Collaborate Panel, choose the My Settings tab (gear icon).
  2. To fully participate in the session, set up your camera and microphone. Selecting this option will allow you to choose your audio and video input, and assist you in ensuring your devices working properly.  
  3. This option reveals the phone number and pin code used to access the webinar. TIP: This number is not toll-free and may incur long distance phone charges.
  4. Ensure that your Speaker Volume (what you hear) and Microphone Volume (what they hear from you) are adjusted.

Note: If you are still having issues hearing or seeing the session, it may have to do with using Chrome. Please visit the Chrome Support page for more information.

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