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For Participants: Collaborate Ultra - Webinar Preparation Tip Sheet


Before attending a Collaborate Ultra session, there are a few technical things you should do to prepare for your session. A few minutes of preparation will ensure a much smoother webinar and we appreciate you taking the time to review this document.

NOTE: While there is a Collaborate App, it is recommended that you attend Webinars via a computer. While the mobile app is convenient, it does not offer the full functionality suite that the browser based version does

1. Control your environment.

  1. Set up your Webinar in a quiet, private space. You might be speaking, so you'll want to be comfortable talking at a medium - loud tone (without disturbing others). A noisy environment can make the session difficult for others that are participating in the Webinar.
  2. If you are planning on sharing your webcam, be aware of what is in the background - you'll want to ensure that confidential documents are stored safely.

2. Gather your equipment

  1. To maximize your experience, you'll want to have a few pieces of hardware:
    1. Webcam
    2. Headphones
    3. Microphone (optional)

NOTE: It is recommended that you test that this hardware is in working order.

3. Use High Speed Internet

If possible, you'll want to use high speed Internet. Since you'll be viewing video and screen online, this will improve your viewing experience. You can use wifi but be prepared to re-connect by re-entering the room, should you be disconnected or your signal drops.

4. Ensure that your system meets minimum system requirements.

If possible, use only systems and applications (your browser) that are listed as Certified.

On Windows and Mac: For the best experience use Google ChromeTM or Firefox® (versions 52+).

For the best Bb Collaborate experience with your screen reader use Firefox® and Jaws on a Windows® system. On a Mac® use Safari® and VoiceOver.

5. Familiarize yourself with the Interface.

This is an example of a Bb Collaborate Ultra Room.

  1. Audio Video Presentation Window: This panel will display the content that is being shared. This could be a presentation, a video, or a web tour.
    If enabled, this is where the moderator/presenter's video feed will display. There might also be cameras from other participants, but this varies from session to session.
  2. Collaborate Panels: This main panel hosts other panels. This view will change depending on the icon that is selected at the bottom. If you do not see these panels, click on the Open & Close Panel button (purple arrow tab).
  3. Chat Panel: You can type questions and comments or share links via this chat window. In the public room, everyone can see and respond to your chats. You can also chat one-to-one.
  4. Share Content Panel: If sharing is enabled, you can share content with the group through this panel.
  5. Participants Panel: This is a list of everyone who is attending the session.
  6. Settings Panel: Here you can check the status of your audio and video settings.
  7. Open and Close: Click the X button to open and close the Collaborate Panel.

6. Test Audio and Video Inputs and Settings

  1. My Settings - Choose this tab to set your audio and video settings.
  2. Set up your camera and microphone - This option allows you to select your audio/video inputs and test them to ensure they work properly.
  3. Use your phone for audio - This option reveals a phone number and pin code to access the webinar. TIP: This may incur long distance charges.
  4. Speaker and Microphone Volume - You can change your speaker volume to adjust the level of what you hear, and the microphone volume for the attendees to hear you.

Check out Collaborate Ultra's support documents (for further information)

In addition to the resources on this site, you might be interested in reading Collaborate Ultra's Official Guides.

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