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How can I lock my Bb Collaborate Course Room?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

For a webinar, instead of using the default Course Room that is open all the time, the instructor may choose to use a scheduled session with a specific Start/End time and date.

To avoid confusion of which room to enter, the instructor may lock the Course Room so that it cannot be selected.

To continue with this guide, please ensure you have Bb Collaborate in your course menu. To enable this tool, visit How do I add the Bb Collaborate tool to my Course menu?

  1. Log into Quercus (see How to Login to Quercus for more information).
  2. On your Dashboard, select your Course (if you cannot see your course, see What should I do if I can't see my courses?)

1. In your course menu, choose Bb Collaborate (How to add Bb Collaborate to my course menu?)

3. Open the Session options to "Lock course room".

  1. Select the Session option (3 dots) for your Course Room.
  2. From the menu, select "Lock course room".

4. Confirm Locked Course Room.

  1. Once you have locked your course room, you will see that it says "Locked" under your course name.

Congrats! You have now locked your Course Room!

Now that you have locked your course room, you can unlock it via the same Session options menu.

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