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How do I record a Bb Collaborate session?


As of August 31, 2021, UofT will no longer license Bb Collaborate. Please see ACT's termination of Collaborate license memo for more details. We recommend reviewing our guide of currently available webinar tools for alternate options to host synchronous online sessions.

NOTE: These settings are only available to Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Course Builders. If you are attending a session, you will not have sufficient privileges to access or change these settings.

If you choose to record your session, you should indicate this to your participants.

You have several recording options:

  1. You can begin recording immediately when your session opens.
  2. You can begin recording at any time during your session.
  3. You can stop recording at any time during your session.

After your session is concluded, you'll be able to access your recording. Visit this tutorial for full instructions on how to access your recordings.

1. Launch your Collaborate Session

  1. In your Course menu, choose Bb Collaborate (How do I add Bb Collaborate to my menu?).
  2. If you are using your open Course Room launch your session by selecting on the Title.
  3. If you are using your Scheduled Session launch your session by selecting on the Title.

2. Join your Collaborate Session

  1. Once the side panel opens, choose "Join Course Room".

3. Open Session Menu to Start Recording

Only Moderators can choose to record/cancel record in a session. If you do not see the record button, chances are that you're not a moderator. This can help to prevent unauthorized recordings of sessions.

  1. Once in your Bb Collaborate room, choose the Open Session menu in the upper left hand corner.
  2. To begin recording, select on "Start Recording" at any time during your session.

NOTE: As a moderator, you'll have many more options than a participant.

4. Confirm Recording using Recording indicators

Once you have begun recording, you will see two recording indicators and one notification appear.

  1. A recording indicator icon will appear in the Open Session Menu when you are recording the session.
  2. You will briefly see a "Session is being recorded" notification appear and disappear.
  3. This recording symbol indicates that the chat is being recorded.

If you do not see these indicators, select on the Open Session Menu and choose "Start Recording" button to begin recording.

5. Open Session Menu to Stop or Pause Recording

There might be times during your session that you would like to pause the recording, or stop it all together.

  1. Open the Session menu.
  2. Choose "Stop Recording".
  3. Once you have stopped the recording you will receive a confirmation notification and you will no longer see recording indicators.

Congrats! You can now record your Collaborate Session.

You can now control the recording option for your Collaborate Session.

Visit How to access your Bb Collaborate Session Recordings to find out how to access your recording.

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